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Pre-Construction Survey
Critical to managing blasting liabilities...

Post Blast Damage Assessments
The last thing a contractor wants to hear...

Blast Monitoring
Utilizing the latest in digital seismographs...

Remote Monitoring
We offer long-term remote monitoring and...

Public relations
Limiting contractor liability...

Training Services
Offering continuing education and certification...
Blasters & Contractors

Pre-Blast Investigation and Reporting

These are used along with a detailed form documenting the pre-existing condition of the building structures near the construction site.

This type of survey is critical to managing blasting liablities by increasing the home owner's understanding of the pre-exisitng conditions of their property.

All aspects of correspondence and survey scheduling are conducted directly with the owner.

Pre-blast surveys:
  • Document the current condition of the exterior and interior of a structure.
  • Use a combination of digital still photography, video, hand notes and diagrams.
  • Can utilize manual and digital crack gauges, where cracks or defects are found to document any potential movement of the crack or defect.
  • Sometimes require interaction with business owners to answer preliminary questions regarding geotechnical equipment and placement, current condition of their building, and follow up to answer any questions or concerns that arise during the blasting process.
  • Are completed by a licensed, Professional Geologist.

Public Relations

It is our experience that one key to limiting the contractor's liablity exposure is through well-coordinated public relations efforts.

Whether it is something as simple as answering questions for an anxious homeowner or conduction more formal, educational Q. and A. sessions with a group, the expertise of Solid Ground Technology keeps the property owner informed.

seismograph Blast Monitoring

Solid Ground Technology utilizes the latest in digital seismographs on all blasting projects. Accurate and thorough documentation of blasting vibration can negate any unwarranted claims.

Our Clients expect and understand the importance of quality equipment and experienced, licensed personnel overseeing the monitoring process.

Post Blast Assesments

The last thing a contractor wants to hear is:"I have damage from your blasting operation."
This is where the concept of managing your liablity comes into focus. The methods we employ from the inception of your construction project come full- circle to minimize your liablity.